Interact Xpress Manager

Interact Xpress Manager 2.0

Interact Xpress(TM) is CTC''s new Distributed HMI solution
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Interact Xpress(TM) is CTC''s new Distributed HMI solution, featuring an advanced development environment for easy creation of rich graphics and multimedia applications. Xpress revolutionizes Level 1 HMI by allowing you to run, view and edit applications in any Internet Explorer(TM) browser. This architecture is ideal for distributed applications where multiple HMI''s are deployed on a single machine or across several remote stations.

Interact Xpress Manager is the Offline development environment for the XPR PowerStations. Xpress Manager can be installed on any Windows 2000 or XP machine and allows the offline creation of Interact Xpress applications and communications configuration.
- Over 35 Communications Drivers for common PLC''s and Motion controllers.
- Advanced Security for single and multi user applications.
- Complex Graphics & Animations including support .jpg and .swf imports.
- Web publishing an application from the XPR PowerStation to Internet Explorer (TM)

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